Millable VisiClear Has Arrived: Everything You Need to Know

| Zahn Dental Team

VisiClear has been a staple in removable labs for quite some time as part of an injectable workflow using…

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9 Staining & Glazing FAQs with Pamela Hanneman, CDT

| Pamela Hanneman, CDT

Pamela Hanneman, CDT has been a technician for 23 years and a CDT since 2002. Her experience includes…

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Top Ten Tool Life Tips

| Kary Langer

For this guest blog post we’ve worked with Kary Langer from Sierra Dental Tool. Kary is an experienced…

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Discover the cara Print 4.0 in Your Lab

| Tiffany Goodwin

The Kulzer team is ready to come to you and showcase the 3D printer developed by dental experts….

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Turbocharge Your Lab with Free Software Tools

| Matt Stratton, Sr. Manager R&D, CAP / Zahn Dental

Once was a day when any software you wanted for your computer needed to be purchased.  Sure, there were…

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What I Learned by Joining CMC

| Pam Hanneman, CDT

Hi Everyone! I’m Pam Hanneman, a CDT and longtime ceramist.  Like many of you, I’m an old school…

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