How to Prepare Models for CAP

Model and Die Requirements:

To provide you with custom products of the highest quality it is critically important that you have an understanding of needs for model and die preparation as well as an understanding of the limitations of our scanners.

Our scanners do not allow for scanning models on large articulators. In addition, models with large stone bases that are normal when articulating cases on adjustable articulators are too tall to scan. As a result of these limitations, we ask that you provide your models to us using the following protocol.

Model & Die Preparation:

  • Trim dies to the exact location of the margin. The die should have an undercut directly below the margin. Remove excess material apical to the margin for several millimeters. Please note this is not necessary on inlays and onlays. For these products simply ditch the interproximal areas.
  • Block out all undercuts with a neutral color wax.
  • Do not die space dies.
  • Do not mark margins with anything.
  • Do not use any die sealer and or hardener.
  • Bridgework on natural teeth must have removable dies, removable pontic areas and removable adjacent tooth areas.

Implant Models

  • All models that contain implant analogs should be poured with soft tissue. The soft tissue material should be removable for the cast. There is no need to make implant sections removable. Solid models poured in low expansion stone are ideal. However, if there is a mix of analogs and natural tooth preps in the same arch the prepared tooth (teeth) dies must be removable and trimmed.


  • All models must be removable from stone articulator base bases. For best results short dowel pins can be used on the bottom of the model for removal and rearticulation.
  • Most plastic disposable articulators work well in conjunction with our scanners.
  • Anterior cases and bridgework should have wax-up and or an articulated study cast that indicated final tooth position.
  • If you have mounted a large case on an adjustable articulator that is not an Artex Articulator, please ship us your articulator with the case.

Cases that are received by CAP that do not meet these standards will be corrected by our technical staff. In this event, normal model and die charges will be applied.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Team CAP

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