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Bob Cohen, CDT


Bob Cohen, CDT has been actively involved in dentistry for 40 years. Currently, Bob is the president of CAP & ADT (dental Lab). He founded ADT in 1983 and today ADT is best known for implant supported restorations and esthetic dentistry.

In 2010, spun from the automation component of ADT, Bob launched Custom Automated Prosthetics (CAP). Initially CAP was set up  as an outsource milling facility for dental laboratories in North America. Since that time, CAP has grown to become a digital solutions provider to the dental industry. Today CAP provides advanced digital training and support, software solutions, automated implant solutions, CAD CAM equipment and custom dental parts and proprietary digital software solutions.

Bob has published several articles on clinical and technical aspects of dentistry, as well as having lectured internationally on many dental and technical related topics. Along with his diversified expert team, Bob has been a beta provider for multiple dental companies and has been involved in product development for decades.

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