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Izir Crown – CAP FZ

We have been developing a process for producing our CAP FZ crowns in the form of a screw-retained implant supported crowns. This restoration has a titanium base that interfaces with the implant and also has a shoulder that provides the necessary strength for the screw head. This titanium base is fused to the CAP FZ crown which has a screw access hole. This crown has all the same translucency, detailed anatomy, and intrinsic color from our MultiShading process as our conventional CAP FZ restorations. In addition, at 1100 MPa flexural strength we are offering a 5 year guarantee against breakage. Being able to eliminate a custom or stock abutments from the process eliminates a significant amount of cost. See our pricing page for details.

Available Interfaces

Izir Crown Available Interfaces

Size        Part #
Nobel Replace 3.5 NP    E 800
4.3 RP E 810
5.0 WP E 820
6.0 XL E 830
Nobel Active 3.5 NP F 800
4.5/5.0 RP F 810
3i Certain 3.4 mm H 800
4.1 mm H 810
5.0 mm H 820
3i Osseotite 3.4 mm I 800
4.1 mm I 810
5.0 mm I 820
Nobel Branemark 3.5 mm K 800
4.1 mm K 810
5.1 mm K 820
Zimmer Screwvent 3.5 mm R 800
4.5 mm R 810
5.7 mm R 820
Astra OsseoSpeed 3.5/4.0 mm S 800
 4.5/5.0 mm S 820
Dentsply Frialit 3.4 mm T 800
3.8 mm T 805
4.5 mm T 810
5.5 mm T 810


Features and Benefits

Izir Crowns Features and Benefits

Why Choose CAP Izir Crowns?


- Designed by implant technicians with extensive implant knowledge. 
- Lifelike esthetics

Great selection of supported hybrid implants

Why Choose CAP?


- 2-3 day manufacturing cycle
- Outsource to CAP for greater profits and consistency
- Reduce overhead (inventory, labor)


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