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CAP Multi FZ

This next generation full contour zirconia has been multi layered to enable ease of manufacturing and exceptional esthetics.

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CAP is happy to provide production services for CAP Multi FZ. For STL file submission, call tech support (877-977-7889 ext.4) and we will provide you with all the necessary parameters to insure proper fit. Our manufacturing cycle from an STL file is one day.

CAP Multi FZ and FZ 2 have been designed to provide multi shaded crowns and bridges (up to 14 units). This state-of-the-art material has three distinct layers: cervical, body, and enamel.

Each area is about one third of the disc and the layers have a zone of blended material for a life-like restoration.  At 1100 MPa flexure strength, CAP Multi FZ and FZ 2 come with a lifetime warranty against breakage for single units and 5 years for bridgework when produced by CAP from your model.

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PRICE PER UNIT From Model From Design File
Single Unit to 5-unit bridge $59 2 days in house $34 2 days in house
6 to 14-unit bridge $99 3 days in house $44 3 days in house


CAP Multi FZ & CAP FZ 2 Color Selection Chart

Sintering Cycle
Multi FZ Shade Zirconia Disc Pre-Shade Solution
Bleach FZ 2
A1 101
A2 101
A3 102
A3.5* 102  +ZZ dentin A3.5
A4* 102 +ZZ dentin A4
B1 201
B2 201
B3* 102 +ZZ dentin B3
B4* 102 +ZZ dentin B4
C1 101
C2* 102 +ZZ dentin C2
C3* 102 +ZZ dentin C3
C4* 102 +ZZ dentin C4
D2 102
D3* 102 +ZZ dentin D3
D4* 102 +ZZ dentin D4
Sintering Steps CAP Multi FZSingles/Small Bridges CAP Multi FZ LargeBridge
Indications Single unit full contour and up to 5 unit bridges Single units bridges between 6 and 14 units (Required for cases with a sintering connector
Degazing Blank Blank
Ramp 1 10°C per minute 8°C per minute
High Temp 1 980°C 980°C
Hold 1 min 1 min
Ramp 2 10°C per minute 6°C per minute
High Temp 2 1500°C 1500°C
Hold 2 Hours 2 hours
Cool Time/Temp Reg: Cool to 400° in 2 hoursPlus: 10°C per minute to 400°C Reg: Cool to 300°C in 3.5 hoursPlus: 6°C per minute to 300°C
Total Cycle Time 6 hours 19 minutes 8 hours 48 minutes


+ These nine shades required some color modification in the green state. We have developed color solutions for these shades using ZirkonZahn (office number: 678-441-9419) A, B, and C shades. After green state finishing, quickly dip in the corresponding dentin shade and then blot dry.

We are working on one or two additional color discs that will eliminate the need for this step for these shades. Our expectation for delivery of the new multicolored disc is in the Fall of 2014.

Contact CAP to learn more about CAP Multi FZ   |    781-435-4403

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