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Implant Bite Post


Designed for Easy and Accurate Vertical Bite Registration



The Implant Bite Post (IBP) is available in a long and short version and interfaces with many of the most common implant interfaces. This small but insightful innovation has dramatically reduced the problem of obtaining proper vertical for implant supported restorations. In addition, the IBP reduce the need to fabricate base plates and bite rims that require patients to return for an additional appointment just to obtain a bite registration (that is likely not as accurate). The bite procedure can routinely be accomplished on the same visit as the final impression. As a result of all the many advantages of the IBP, CAP now has a complete inventory of IBP’s for anyone looking to solve the common problems of bite registrations on implants

Implant Bite Post

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Click here to read Bob Cohen’s Blog on the Implant Bite Post

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Compatibility Chart


IBPShortImplant Bite Post – Regular


Implant Bite Post – Long







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