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Dentsply Sirona inFire HTC speed

inFire HTC speed

A fast sintering furnace for zirconia and non-precious metals.

The high-temperature furnace is suitable for all sintering materials that have been validated for processing with the inLab production units. It is equipped with special speed and superspeed sintering programs and also allows the sintering of non-precious metals — in a single chamber.

High Flexibility:

  • Speed and Superspeed program or conventional slow sintering
  • Free programming for long-term and speed sintering
  • 90-minute speed sintering for single restorations and bridges
  • “Dry & Speed” speed sintering with pre-drying

The inFire HTC speed is especially easy to operate: In addition to the conventional long-term sintering process, crowns, copings, bridges and frameworks made of zirconia can be sintered using shortened speed processes as needed.

Time and cost savings:

  • Just 10 minutes for superspeed sintering of zirconia copings and crowns**
  • Timer function for “overnight sintering”
  • Simultaneous sintering of up to 60 units

Sintering ceramics and sintered metal — 2 in 1

  • Sintering zirconia and a pre-sintered non-precious metal in one furnace
  • Pre-programmed for the sintering materials from Dentsply Sirona* and material partners
  • Special metal sintering bell integrated into the package

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Technical Data:

inFire HTC Speed



Speed sintering tray, rack and fork for the sintering tray

Zirconium oxide sintering beads

Superspeed crucible, Superspeed cover, crucible fork, fireproof crucible rack


NPM sintering beads

Sintering tray system for inCoris CC non-precious metal

Argon gas management

Program types



Conventional sintering

Pre-drying and speed sintering

Custom programming for pre-drying

Service program (cleaning the furnace chamber and regenerating the silicon oxide coating of the heating elements)

Auto-start function

Dimensions (W x H x D)

500 x 802 x 565 mm


80 kg

Supply voltage

200–240 V

Mains frequency

50/60 Hz

Nominal power

2500 W

Maximum sintering temperature








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