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CAP Zirconia Frameworks


Looking for a cost-effective zirconia solution?  CAP Zirconia frameworks are the answer.  These frameworks provide precision fit, custom shades and are offered in multiple substructure designs.  Your lab will also benefit from CAP’s excellent service, design expertise and fast turnaround times.

Substructures designed the way you want them

MultiShading for more natural esthetics

For cementation of zirconia, CAP recommends 3M ESPE RelyX.

Features and Benefits

CAP’s high strength (HS) zirconia is more translucent than most other zircona materials available to the dental market. Used for frameworks, HS is highly esthetic and has impeccable fit.

Why Choose CAP Zirconia Frameworks?

- Custom shades available
- Our zirconia frameworks are designed the way you want to provide the best fit and esthetics
- Very cost effective zirconia solution

Why Choose CAP?


- Outsource to a company that has your best interest in mind
- 24-48 hour manufacturing cycle
- Reduce overhead (inventory, labor)

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