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CAP FZ – Full Contour Zirconia


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CAP FZ – Full Contour Zirconia with MultiShade

CAP FZ is milled from the most esthetic full contour zirconia available. We mill your restoration and perform a multi-color shading process that dramatically enhances the esthetics. We then sinter the restoration and return it to you ready to stain and glaze. CAP FZ is indicated for full crow-fluidns and small bridges. We are now accepting digital files from 3Shape or Dental Wings, or we can produce CAP FZ from your models using our proprietary anatomic library. We will return your restoration ready for stain and glaze.

CAP Warranty Stickers

Identceram stickers shipped with every

CAP Full Zirconia order

CAP Warranty stickers shipped with every qualifying order


Learn why CAP FZ is better and how it’s made

See CAP FZ take on a slegehammer!

Features and Benefits

CAP FZ Features and Benefits

capfz capfz

Why Choose CAP FZ?

Why Choose CAP?

  • 1100 Mpa flexural strength. The strongest all ceramic crown available
  • Available in 16 Vita shades. Five modifier shades also available
  • Great alternative to Full Gold Crowns, PFG’s and pressed ceramics
  • Uses conventional cements
  • CAP FZ is from German engineered zirconia
  • CAP FZ is isostatically pressed, the optimal manufacturing process for strength
  • Increase your product line with no additional investment
  • Reduces labor 80 – 90%
  • Receive a restoration ready to stain, glaze and ship


Stain and Glaze Instructions

CAP FZ Stain and Glaze Instructions

Staining and Glaze CAP FZ with GC Initial IQ Lustre Paste NF – Part 1


Staining and Glaze CAP FZ with GC Initial IQ Lustre Paste NF – Part 2


Staining and Glaze CAP FZ with GC Initial IQ Lustre Paste NF – Part 3


Staining and Glaze CAP FZ with Zirkonzahn Stain and Glaze


  1. Adjustments can be made with medium and or fine diamonds. If using high speed use irrigation to keep restoration cool.
  2. Once adjustments are complete use Axis white polisher Product #P0301-220 to remove scratched surface.
  3. For high shine use Axis High Shine Gray Polisher: Product # P0321-220 and DVA Zircon-Brite polishing Paste.
  4. For staining and glaze we like the e.max stain and glaze system and use the following firing instructions:
Dry time 4 minutes
Low temp 400C
High temp 790C
Heat rate 55 C Per/ Min
Vac start at 410C
Vac release 789C
Hold time at 790C 1 Minute
Cool time None Required

Resources and Downloads

CAP FZ Resources and Downloads



Marketing Brochure

PDF Download

Technical Specs

CAP FZ Technical Specs

Flexural Strength

1,100 MPa

Compressive Strength

3,000 MPa

Modulus of Elasticity

205 GPa

Thermal Expansion



Full contour zirconia for crowns and bridges up to 4 units


Use a conventional glass ionomer cement or resin modified glass ionomer.
CAP Recommends 3M ESPE RelyX.


Five modifier shades: Violet, Gray, Brown, Orange and Pink

Available in 16 Vita shades


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Lifetime Warranty

CAP FZ Lifetime Warranty Against Breakage

CAP will remake any single unit CAP FZ crown that is cracked or broken during the patient’s lifetime for free with the following exceptions:


  • Units that have been improperly ground on may become compromised and will not be remade for free.
  • Units that do not meet the minimum thickness requirements for the CAP FZ material are not warranteed and will not be remade for free.

Units that are to be remade must be sent back to CAP.

CAP offers free remakes for cases according to the above terms. CAP does not offer refunds or credits.


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