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CAP Anatomical Library for 3Shape


CAP’s Elite Anatomical Library for 3Shape

We have designed an anatomical library optimized for CAD systems to help you achieve a beautiful final design in just minutes.  When working with standard libraries, you will need to spend a significant amount of time adjusting your CAD system’s initial proposal in order to achieve a high-end full contour design.  With the CAP anatomical library, even a junior operator can achieve a high-end design in just a few minutes.

Here is a video showing the posterior library.  The anterior library is also available and the video is coming soon.  Please call CAP if you are interested in purchasing this library for your 3Shape systems.
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Here’s an example of how quickly a junior technician can design a crown that looks like it was made by a 30-year veteran:

Here’s another demo using the same library:

Features and Benefits

CAP Anatomical Library Features and Benefits

We have spent many years developing the most functional and esthetic anatomic library available. Utilizing our library will likely make an immediate dramatic improvement in the quality of your work.

Why Choose CAP’s Anatomical Library?

Improve the quality of your designs and products
Enable a less experienced staff member to achieve world-class form.
No Annual license agreement. Buy it once and you own it forever.
Achieve a world class restoration design in minutes
Works with 3Shape

Resources and Downloads

CAP Anatomical Library Resources and Downloads

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