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Lightweight, stable, ergonomic and very precise – the Artex articulator facilitates and accelerates work on the model. It is practice-oriented, reliable and competitively priced. For these reasons, the Artex brand enjoys such a good reputation and its articulators are among the most popular world-wide. The Artex product range employs a modular design and is focused on features that are really necessary.



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Artex® Type CT The non-Arcon workhorse – the prosthetic articulator
  • Partially adjustable non-Arcon articulator
  • Artex-Carbon – lightweight and robust, providing perfect handling
  • Adjustable inclination of the condyle track inclination from -15⁰ to 60⁰
  • Bennett angle adjustable from 0 to 20⁰ “Click” centric quick lock
  • Arbitrary pins for face bow adaption

Artex® Type CR Artex® Type CR is a fully adjustable arcon dental articulator. It was developed as a universal articulator for diagnosis and therapy and designed for realistic movement.
  • Sideshift function (ISS) up to 1.5 mm on each side
  • Protrusion up to 6 mm, retrusion up to 2mm
  • Distraction permitting release of compressed mandibular joints from 0 to 3 mm
  • Ideal for model analysis, splint therapy and correction
  • Artex-Carbon – lightweight and robust, providing perfect handling, also combining all the Artex CPR advantages

  • Adjustable inclination of the condyle track inclination from -20° to +60°

  • Bennett angle adjustable from -5° to +30°

Artex® Type CPR Artex® Type CPR is an Arcon base unit.
  • Partially adjustable Arcon articulator with super smooth condyle track guide
  • Artex-carbon – lightweight and robust, providing perfect handling
  • 3 working positions, no tipping over
  • High-precision and robust centric quick lock via mechanically guided semi axis
  • Arbitrary pins for direct transfer with the Artex facebow
  • Adjustable inclination of the condyle track inclination from -20⁰ to +60⁰
  • Distraction permitting release of compressed mandibular joints from 0 to 3 mm
  • Arcon clip prevents separation of upper and lower articulator parts while centric is open
  • Bennett angle adjustable from -5⁰ to +30⁰ infinitely variable retrusion, can be set from 0 to 2 mm

Artex® Type CN The non-Arcon carbon base model. The entry to the world of Artex-Carbon.
  • Artex-Carbon – lightweight, robust, ergonomic and highly precise
  • Simple and pleasant handling 3 working positions, no tipping over
  • “Click” centric quick look
  • Fixed average condyle track inclination of 35⁰
  • Bennett angle adjustable from 0 to 20⁰

Artex® Type BN The non-arcon Artex basic model for inexpensive introduction to the world of Artex articulators.
  • Precise functional components made from aluminum and stainless steel
  • Integrated magnetic mounting plate system
  • Fixed condyle with a 19 mm path radius
  • Fixed average sagittal condylar path inclination of 35⁰
  • Fixed Bennett angle of 15⁰
  • “Click” – quick centric lock


Dentist Kit


Dentist Kit Contents

  • Rotofix Facebow with 10 Disposable Biteforks
  • Splitex Transfer Stand w/Table
  • Plastic Buffer Plates (10)
  • Retention Disks (100)
  • Splitex plate set
  • Biteforks- Horseshoe (2)


Dentist Kits for Carbon Articulators:

  • Dentist’s Kit with CN articulator: 40310
  • Dentist’s Kit with CT articulator: 40320
  • Dentist’s Kit with CR articulator: 40760
  • Dentist’s Kit with CP articulator: 40750

Technician Kit


Technician Kit Contents

(Each Technician’s kit contains the following components, plus the articulator of your choice.)

  • Splitex Calibration Key
  • Plastic Buffer Plates (10)
  • Retention Disks (100)
  • Complete Artex Manual
  • Splitex plate set


Technician Kits for Carbon Articulators:

  • Technician’s Kit with CN articulator
  • Technician’s Kit with CT articulator
  • Technician’s Kit with CR articulator
  • Technician’s Kit with CP articulator

Mounting Unit Mounting Unit

General Information
Pouring casts in a busy environment often calls for a separate plaster room to keep dust and debris from getting into places where it shouldn’t be. The Artex® Mounting Unit is calibrated to the functional Artex units throughout the lab, so poured models can be quickly and accurately transferred to workstations.
Features & Benefits
  • Save wear and tear on your functioning Artex units by protecting them from exposure to abrasive elements such as stone, water and heat that are involved in the mounting of patient models
  • Non-adjustable incisal pin ensures that every case is set at”0″


Artex Facebow

header facebow-crop
General Information The Artex® Facebow is a priceless tool. It takes but a few moments and a single turn of the toggle to lock in in all 3 planes of reference and to subsequently gather all of the information necessary to ensure that a restoration is made to the exact cranium/axis relationship of the patient and their anatomy. That means fewer remakes for the technician and easier and faster seating for the dentist.
  Features & Benefits
  • Easy to use: No assistance is required to accomplish the facebow registration. Just one person can do it quickly and easily.
  • Fast: Stainless steel 3-D Universal Joint locks in registration with the turn of one toggle-lever.
  • Accurate: Single lever eliminates torque distortion often found in facebows that require screws. The Artex Facebow opens symmetrically, which means alignment without sideshift or alteration of the sagittal distance.
  • Economical: The doctor will send only the transfer table with registration, interocclusal records and impression so there is no need to buy multiple facebows or articulators.
  • Stress Free: The unit is easy to handle for the dental professional and keeps patient stress to a minimum.
Facebow Package Contents:
  • 3-D universal joint Nosebar/nasion
  • Pair of standard earballs
  • 1 set of 10 disposable biteforks with thermoplastic bite compound
  • Tray handle
  • Metal bitefork
Optional Accessories:  
  • Extended earballs (48609)
  • Axis-plane pointer with screw (48610)
  • Vertically adjustable nasion (48690)

Transfer Stand

General Information The Artex® Transfer Stand and table system allows the dentist to transfer patient specific facebow measurements consistently and predictably without spending a great deal of time and effort in the wet lab. The patient’s bitefork registration is transferred to the transfer stand and set in plaster on the table with a magnetic base. The magnetic transfer table and bitefork registration are sent to the lab, where the base is “snapped” into an Artex articulator with a magnetic base counter-part. This allows the lab to use the bitefork representing the maxillary registration for reference when mounting the upper cast.

Denture Components

Denture Components


The Artex® System offers benefits to the denture lab. By using the Artex system, dental labs can gather critical patient information that allows the denture to fit correctly at the first try-in.


System Components:


Set-Up Templates

Mounted onto the template holder, templates serve as a guide for setting dentures according to the occlusion curves of Spee and Wilson. Set includes a flat table for orientation of the mandibular model when mounting average value (i.e., without facebow information from the dentist.) Also includes templates with radii of 100mm (dental cuspid 0°), 125 mm (dental cuspid 15° to 16°), 140 mm (dental cuspid 25° to 28°) and 160 mm (30° to 35°).


Set-Up Index Key

Provided as a fundamental scale for average-value orientation of the endentulous lower model. Alignment is achieved by using symphysis and retro-molar pads.

Centrofix Set for CR Registration of Edentulous Patients

The tracing ball is used as a tray handle when the impression is taken. Threading permits vertical adjustments, allowing for dimension corrections in the mouth. The tip of the Gothic arch tracing is marked with the adjustment clamp, and the tracing ball is fixed in the clamp’s seat. Facebow transfer and wax bites for esthetic information are taken during the same session.

Splintex Splintex Calibration

Using the Splitex® Key and Splitex® Plate Set, all Artex® Articulators are calibrated similarly. This magnetic plate system serves as a metrical aid to calibrate different articulators. The precision of calibration is such that deviations are brought down to below 10 μm. This means that models can be mounted and changed with precision on any calibrated Artex®.
Additionally, the ability to calibrate the Artex® Articulators simplifies the process of transferring the model from the practice to the laboratory. Where both parties have a calibrated articulator, then only the models need to be transported, and not the complete articulator. Not only does this protect the articulator against handling problems,it also saves on postal charges.

Features & Benefits

  • Scientifically proven: Artex® Articulators can be calibrated to a standardization with tolerances < 10 μm
  • Saves articulators and increases their profitability
  • Every dental technician and dentist has his/her “own” articulator
  • Simplifies dispatch (only the model) and increases the information flow
  • Splitex® Counter plates prevent the risk of poor fit caused by plaster expansion and guarantee quick, precise adaptation to Splitex® metal plates
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