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Amann Girrbach Scan & Design


Amann Girrbach Scan & Design System


Ceramill Map400 – Scanner

The “functional scanner” – precise, quick and with Splitex integration


Ceramill Map200- Scanner

The CAD/CAM entry-level scanner with flexible model fixation – easy, quick and precise


Ceramill Mind – Design Software

The intelligent design software – the “soul” and heart of digital framework fabrication. Developed according to dental technology logic

Ceramill-Artex Upgrade

Design Software Upgrades

Upgrades for Ceramill Mind, including artex, m-plant, mindforms, trusmile, m-bars, m-splint and microshell


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Map400 Scanner

Ceramill Map400 – Scanner

The “functional scanner” – precise, quick and with Splitex® integration The Ceramill Map400 stands for a high degree of operating comfort and high-resolution scan data, which are created using strip light projection. Highly sensitive 3D sensors provide a precise image of the model. A particularly large measuring field enables quick, efficient scanning of dental stone models using only 2 axes, which greatly reduces the scan times. This type also easily records articulated models in an occlusal relationship – a prerequisite if a “virtual articulator” is used in the design software for an automatic fully anatomical framework design. The Ceramill Map400 has an open interface, so that scans (STL files) can also be loaded in other CAD programmes.   Technical Specifications:
  • Dimensions D/W/H: 415x407x535 mm
  • Weight: 31 kg
  • Power supply: 100-240V, 2×1,25A
  • E-fuse: T 2×1,25A
  • Output: 80 Watt
  • Axes: 2

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  • Fully automatic, compact strip light scanner
  • Articulated models can be scanned in relation to the articulator, then downloaded into the CAD software in the Artex® CR for the automatic fabrication of fully anatomical frameworks
  • Bite registration, situation model, gingiva and wax-up possible for optimal framework fabrication
  • Automatic user-guidance through the scan programme for easy and safe operation
  • The scanner comes with an open interface, scans (stl-files) can also be downloaded into other CAD sortware
  • Large measuring field provides high precision and quick scan times


Upgrade for Ceramill Map400

  • Ceramill MultiCap is a scan mode, which with the aid of a special multiple holder simultaneously scans individual dies independent of the jaw or patient
  • This allows rapid digitalisation of dies, which are intended for offset crowns and which do not require any relationship to adjacent teeth or opposing dentition
  • Placing the dies in the multiple holder allows up to 12 dies to be scanned in one scanning cycle without manual intervention


The Ceramill Map200 is a fully automatic stripe-light scanner offering uncomplicated handling with high precision, making it an ideal introduction to CAD/CAM technology or for all users who want to produce precise scan data cost-effectively. Equipped with the latest technology and high-resolution 3D sensors, this extremely compact desktop scanner effortlessly creates high-quality scans of plaster and impression models, including wax-ups. The model can be fixed in position during scanning with or without the use of the Splitex system, which, together with the automatic user guidance, makes the scan process quick, easy and comfortable. At the same time, a particularly large measuring field ensures efficient, time-saving scanning of the models using only 2 axes. In combination with the Ceramill Mikro dry milling machine it creates an optimum entry-level or back-up package for computer-supported, in-house fabrication of accurately fitting restorations.


Ceramill Map200 has an open interface, so that scans (STL files) can also be loaded into other CAD programs.


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Mind Software

Ceramill Mind – CAD Software

The intelligent design software – developed according to dental technology logic

The Ceramill Mind design software, developed by Amann Girrbach in close collaboration with dental technicians, meets all requirements. Perfectly coordinated to the Ceramill Map400-Scanner the Ceramill Mind integrated seamlessly into the system architecture of the Ceramill system and impresses due to its ease of operation, process reliability and precision.

The user interface of the CAD programme, which is orientated to the conventional laboratory workflow, considerably simplifies the framework fabrication process and covers a comprehensive range of indications from crowns, bridges, inlays/onlays and telescope crowns to customised abutments. Features and areas of applica-tion are progressively refined, allowing the Ceramill Mind to be upgraded by a large number of software modules.


Indication Spectrum:

  • Fully anatomical and anatomically reduced crowns and bridges
  • Inlays/Onlays
  • Veneers
  • Reducing wax-ups
  • Press-over
  • Telescopes
  • Individual abutments (Upgrade Ceramill M-Plant module)
  • Multi-unit, screw-retained bridges (Upgrade Ceramill M-Plant module)
  • Attachment
  • Bars (Upgrade Ceramill M-Bars module)
  • Splints (Upgrade Ceramill M-Splint module)
  • Provisional shell restorations (Upgrade Ceramill Microshell module)


  • Simultaneous designing in the upper and lower jaw
  • Library teeth automatically adapt to the scanned diagnostic model
  • Automatic defining of the preparation margins
  • Intuitive dental technical work-flow for comfortable and reliable use
  • The virtual articulator simulates the mandibular excursions and automatically constructs a full anatomical framework proposal, according to the dynamic occlusion, therefore reducing the necessity to grind the surfaces after milling
  • The order button integrated in the programme makes sending the construction data simple
  • Open for every type of construction data (File type: stl), increases flexibility

Software Upgrades

Ceramill Mind – Software Upgrades

Ceramill Artex

Virtual Artex CR as Upgrade for Ceramill Map400 and Ceramill Mind. The functional interface between manual and digital prosthetic dentistry.

With manual production of dental prosthesis working with the articulator is standard for dental laboratories. In order to achieve the same quality of the works virtually, it is only logical and consistent to enable this by means of a CAD-CAM system. The virtual articulator “Ceramill Artex” serves as a bridge between manual and digital techniques:

The model pair in the Artex articulator is transfered to the Map400-scanner while holding the same Artex mode by means of the Ceramill Transferkit; it is subsequently scanned-in in the appropriate proportion. The movement options of the Artex® CR are thus synchronised digitally and manually. Interfering structures may already be removed thus reducing time-consuming grinding in the patient’s mouth to a minimum.

Ceramill M-Plant

Ceramill Mind abutment module for the fabrication of customised abutments and screw-retained bridges

Aesthetic demands in dentistry are increasing and ever more patients are prepared to invest in their dental health. This ensures an unabated advance of implantology. But the price must be right – for end customers and laboratories.

An ideal approach to bring high demands and low costs under the same roof is the fabrication of customised implant abutments in-house in the laboratory. Amann Girrbach enables abutments for all conventional implant systems and techniques to be fabricated with maximum preci-sion and full value creation with the in-house concept based on the Ceramill Motion 2 milling machine and the Ceramill Mind CAD software.

Ceramill Mindforms

The Ceramill library teeth designed by Knut Miller are specially tailored to the requirements of CAD design and set new standards in the digital design of restorations.

Library teeth based on the tooth moulds best seller by Knut Miller

Accelerates functional design of fully anatomical crowns and bridges

Characteristic and natural surface morphology and topography

Very finely detailed definition facilitates the design of occlusal surfaces and fissures

Ceramill Trusmile

Ceramill Trusmile displays the library teeth of the Ceramill Mind software with a natural shade gradient. An overall impression of the finished restoration is therefore conveyed during the design stage and ensures optimum aesthetic results.

Library teeth are displayed in the Ceramill Mind software similar to the finished restoration

Improved aesthetic orientation during the design of restorations in the CAD software

Enables material-specific display of scans and design elements, e.g. telescope crowns

Ceramill M-Bars

In-house fabrication of customised bars made from Ceramill Sintron (CrCo) or wax (for Windows 7)

Ceramill M-Bars enable fab-rication of customised bars made from Ceramill Sintron or Ceramill Wax. Very differ-ent bar designs, placement of attachments and retention as well as punching out of holes can also be implemented. The bars can then be fabricated in-house using the Ceramill Motion 2 (5X).

Ceramill M-Splint

Therapeutic splints – functional and accurately fitting

The Ceramill M-Splint was specially developed for the fabrication of customised therapeutic splints, which can be fabricated accurately fitting with interference-free functionality with the aid of the Ceramill Artex articulator.

After the design, the splints can fabricated from the Ceramill Splintec PMMA blank using the Ceramill Motion 2 (5X). As a Class 2a medical device Ceramill Splintec is suitable for long-term use.

Ceramill Microshell

Aesthetically high-quality temporary eggshell restorations for immediate treatment

Ceramill Microshell is an upgrade module for the fabrication of thin, patient-specific temporary eggshell restorations as aesthetic, high-quality immediate treatment even before preparation. A virtual preparation margin is defined paragingivally on the as yet unprepared teeth on the scanned anatomical model.

The temporary restoration designed later is produced as a shell of uniform thickness and the outer form of the unprepared tooth of the patient situation or library teeth. The final temporary restoration can be quickly fabricated with the aid of the temporary eggshell restoration immediately after preparation.

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