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AG Wax & Temp – 71mm Discs


Ceramill White Wax

Wax that burns out without a trace. For casting and pressing technique.

Ceramill Temp

Dyed resin for temporary appliances

Ceramill PMMA

Transparent acrylic which burns out without a trace. For casting, pressing and over-pressing.


Ceramill Wax


Ceramill White Wax

Milling wax that burns out without residue ensuring accurately fitting final results

  • Easy, reproducible CAD/CAM-controlled fabrication of wax patterns facilitate the casting and press techniques
  • LNo cutter wear or clogging of the cutter with wax
  • Burnout without residue ensures perfect casting results
  • Available in grey or cream



Ceramill White Wax milling wax can be processed user-friendly and reproducibly using the Ceramill Motion CNC milling machine. The easy handling properties of the material are impressive: no smearing or melting of the material or clogging of the cutter. This creates accurately fitting final results, which facilitate the subsequent casting and press procedures. Wax bridges up to 14 units can be fabricated. Ceramill Wax burns out without residue during the preheating process.



Ceramill Temp

Shaded acrylic used for long-term temporary restorations

  • Temporary restorations
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Maximum span: bridges up to 14 units (max. 2 pontics)
  • Gingiva former
  • Custom abutments on titanium bases
  • Multi-unit restorations on titanium bases



TEMP acrylic can be used for long-term temporary restorations with up to six months in situ in the patient’s mouth. The blanks are available in two heights and three different dentine shades and can be easily processed in the Ceramill Motion CNC-controlled milling machine. Conventional cutters, trimmers and polishing pastes can be used for finishing and polishing. TEMP temporary restorations can be fabricated fully anatomically and can also be veneered with conventional crown and bridge resins. They are suitable for checking the fit and functionality of the actual restoration before it is finished, whereby the tooth-coloured material increases the acceptance of the try-in. Crowns and bridges of up to 14 units can be fabricated using TEMP. Customised, aesthetic gingival forming with implant restorations is also possible.



Ceramill PMMA

Transparent acrylic which burns out without residue

  • Frameworks for intraoral try-in
  • Frameworks in the casting, press or overpress procedures for the casting and overpress techniques
  • Maximum span possible: bridges up to 14 units can be fabricated



Ceramill PMMA is a transparent acrylic, which can be user-friendly and reproducibly processed in the wet mode using the Ceramill Motion As a Class 1 medical device Ceramill PMMA is approved for intraoral try-ins and can therefore be used to check the fit and function of the subsequent permanent restoration, for example of bridges with up to 14 units. Ceramill PMMA is suitable for re-processing using the casting and press techniques and burns out without residue.

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