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AG Sintron

Available in 71mm and 98mm Discs

Ceramill Sintron

CoCr dry mill – easy as wax

  • Wax-like material texture for minimum tool wear and effortless milling in the dry mode
  • Great saving in time during manufacture of non-precious metal restoration due to inhouse production and computer-based design
  • Maximum process reliability – homogeneous and distortion-free frameworks without contraction cavities
  • No need to change the veneering porcelain (CTE 14.5)
  • Can be laser-welded and soldered
  • Fabrication analogous to Ceramill Zi



Powerful innovation is incorporated into the Ceramill Sintron® CoCr sinter metal from Amann Girrbach. This non-precious metal revolutionises the manufacturing process, as the wax-like texture of the Ceramill Sintron® blanks (CoCr blanks) allows them to be effortlessly dry milled on in-house benchtop machines such as the Ceramill Motion. The labour-intensive and error-prone casting procedure and therefore time-consuming manual working stages are no longer required.

The sinter process is also extremely easy: the press of a button is sufficient for a great result with excellent structure quality. Maximum process reliability produces homogeneous, distortion-free frameworks without contraction cavities. Using the new Ceramill Sintron® it is possible to achieve predictable, reproducible fit and framework qualities. Ceramill Sintron® can be veneered using any CoCr framework porcelain.



  • Telescope and conical crowns
  • Custom abutments on titanium bases
  • Multi-unit, screw-retained restorations on titanium bases
  • Anatomically reduced and fully anatomical crown and bridge frameworks* in the anterior and posterior region (*Bridge framework with a maximum of two connected pontics in the anterior and posterior region and a maximum anatomical length of 50 mm (max. 4 units))

Technical Data:

  • Tensile strength (Rm): 830 MPa
  • 0,2 % Proof stress (Rp0,2): 450 MPa
  • Modulus of elasticity (E): 200 GPa
  • Elongation at rupture: 20 %
  • Hardness: 280 HV 10
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion (25-500 °C) 14,5 *10-6/K
  • Density: 8,0 g/cm3
  • Open porosity: 0 %
  • Colour: silver
  • Oxide colour: grey-green
  • Alloy class: Type 4

Chemical Composition:

  • Cobalt (Co): 66
  • Chrome (Cr): 28
  • Molybdenum (Mo): 5
  • Silicon (Si): < 1
  • Iron (Fe): < 1
  • Manganese (Mn): < 1
  • In accordance with DIN EN ISO 22674:2007 the alloy is free of nickel, beryllium, gallium and cadmium

***At this time, we are in agreement with Roland that milling Sintron CrCo discs in the Roland DWX-50 should NOT be done. CAP R&D has tested the workflow at CAP and we have determined Sintron debris to be potentially damaging to this mill.

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