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3Shape Dental System


CAP currently sells five different models of 3Shape scanners and is able to find one that fits the unique needs of each and every dental lab. Whether you are interested in trading in your existing scanner, adding an additional one to your lineup, or looking for your very first scanner, let CAP find the one that is right for you.


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3Shape Scanners

3Shape E1


Essential scanning to digitize your lab

  • 2 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multiline
  • Accuracy (ISO 12836 / implant): 10 μm / 12 μm
  • Scan speed (arch): 40 sec
  • Scan speed (die): 25 sec
  • Scan speed (full arch impression): 130 sec
  • Texture: n/a


Increased productivity and texture scanning

  • 2 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multiline
  • Accuracy(ISO 12836 / implant): 10 μm/ 12 μm
  • Scan speed (arch): 30 sec
  • Scan speed (die): 20 sec
  • Scan speed (full arch impression): 90 sec
  • Texture: B&W


High performance and implant bar accuracy

  • 2 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multiline
  • Accuracy(ISO 12836 / implant): 7 μm/ 10 μm
  • Scan speed (arch): 24 sec
  • Scan speed (die): 18 sec
  • Scan speed (full arch impression): 80 sec
  • Texture: Color



Ultra-high productivity

  • 4 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multiline
  • Accuracy(ISO 12836 / implant): 5 μm/ 8 μm
  • Scan speed (arch): 16 sec
  • Scan speed (die): 15 sec
  • Scan speed (full arch impression): 65 sec
  • Texture: Color
  • Scanning Strategy: Die in model

*An additional die scan may be required for cases with limited interproximal space between dies and neighboring teeth. All dies must be trimmed and sectioned.


All-in-one scanning for maximum throughput

    • 4 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multi-line
    • Accuracy(ISO 12836 / implant): 5 μm/ 8 μm
    • Scan speed (arch): 16 sec
    • Scan speed (die): 15 sec
    • Scan speed (full arch impression): 65 sec
    • Texture: Color
    • Scanning Strategy: All in one



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Designed to help you achieve an optimal design quickly.

Full contour crown design
Virtual articulation
Abutment Designer add-on module
Bars and implant bridges add-on module
Removables Designer add-on module

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Software Ad-ons

Software Ad-ons


Abutment Designer

Customized Abutments perfectly shaped to the anatomy design
Abutment Designer™ makes it easy to design the customized abutment as a natural extension of the crown The use of customized abutments is growing explosively, driven by better esthetics, cost savings, and CAD/CAM technology advancements. Simply model the anatomy first and create the abutment and emergence profile with smooth transitions and optimal esthetics.


Implant Bars & Bridges

When accuracy and esthetics matter
3Shape’s solution supports standard and free-form bar shapes for removable and fixed prosthesis, enables virtual design of gingiva and creation of any type of attachment. Use flexible and intuitive tools to form the bar to fit the denture, gingiva and implants optimally. Measure space and distance, and shape implant connections as cylindrical extensions or freeform emergence profiles.


Denture Design

Digital Dentures in a fast and easy workflow
3Shape’s 2nd generation Denture Design™ software brings digital precision and efficiency to a traditionally technique demanding process. By combining the flexibility of 3Shape’s Smile Composer™ with the unique Gingiva Creation Tool, technicians can model highly esthetic and functional dentures while significantly shortening the time usually to design.


Removable Partial Design

Design removable partials in less than 15 minutes
3Shape’s 3rd generation Removable Partial Design includes new and powerful tools for reliable creation of removable partials while reducing production time by 60-70%. The design workflow mimics the manual steps for Removable Partial design thereby ensuring intuitive and accurate digital control over a technique-demanding process. Design both metal and flexible frameworks.


Model Builder

Extensively used in labs all over the world
Model Builder™ lets technicians design lab models for many indications, including implant models, directly from TRIOS® digital impression scans, 3rd party intraoral scans, and physical impression scans. 3Shape’s new Model Builder™ enables model design for implant cases. Based on integrated implant position detection, users can virtually add interfaces for implant analogs directly in the model design. Adjust the model to fit your customized abutment design. Support for glue-in implant analogs.


Implant Studio

Implant Planning and Surgical Guide Design
Brings together implant planning, prosthetics, and design of surgical guides for local manufacturing and provides a cost-efficient solution that improves turn-around time, helps to enhance clinical results, while creating new business opportunities for both dentists and labs.

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Why 3Shape?

We stay in touch with the challenges facing today’s industry We listen and learn from lab professionals, so our innovation is strictly based on real user experience. 3Shape’s in-house dental technicians continuously maintain close contact with professional colleagues in the industry and evaluate solution options during the development process.
We are dedicated to innovation and future-proof solutions 3Shape’s product portfolio is the result of the company’s dedication to future orientated technology. 65 full-time multinational develop-ers are dedicated to dental solutions to ensure continuous innovation power and reliable customer support.
Helping labs help their dentists With new innovations such as TRIOS® and Communicate™, 3Shape has become the only CAD/CAM provider truly bringing solutions designed to help labs build new services and stronger business relationships with their dentists.
#1 – Thousands of labs all over the world In many thousands of labs and more than 60 countries worldwide, 3Shape’s Dental System™ is breaking records for high productivity and user satisfaction, reaching the market’s #1 record for units produced per day by dental technicians.

Why buy 3Shape from CAP?

We know the ins and outs of 3Shape very well.
We use the product every day – over 30,000 units made with 3Shape at CAP.
We know what labs need. You can’t have a case get stuck in your lab because of a technical detail.
We have a loaner on-hand in case you need it. We can provide a backup within 24 hours.

Design Benefits

We aim to empower real-life dental technician work Your new system should feel comfortable in your hands and support actual dental work-results. We base our solutions on familiar workflows yet incorporate a high degree of design freedom, allowing technicians to release their unique creativity and talents.
3Shape – designed the way your work With new systems, it’s important to achieve smooth operation right away and avoid costly and inefficient start-up periods. 3Shape solutions are user-acclaimed for their intuitive workflows and minimal training requirements. 3Shape distributors have delivered smooth implementations to thousand of labs worldwide.
Automation unleashing productivity 3Shape’s user-acclaimed Dental System™ is designed to support familiar workflows, helping dental labs maintain their professional edge over competitors through complete automation of many traditionally manual tasks. 3Shape’s scan and design processes are the market’s fastest, and provide an initial computer-proposed design of unique quality.

Online Training

Online Training- CAP Academy

When you purchase a 3Shape system from CAP, we will train in person. In addition, you will have access to our online training system at CAP Academy. cap academy screenshot

3Shape ROI Calculator

3Shape Dongle Transfer

Five Reasons to Transfer Your Dongle to CAP

1- Support

CAP offers the industry’s best support. Our support team is made up of CAD CAM experts who are available to provide support by phone, chat, or email from 8:00AM – 8:00PM EST. Learn more in this short video.


2- Tested, proven, and optimized

Do you ever find yourself wondering if and when you should take on the most recent 3Shape software update? At CAP we run 3Shape software and scanning in our own production center and only recommend upgrading your software after it’s been vetted by our production center staff and R&D team.


3- Training

CAP Academy hosts >300 training and educational videos, many of which are focused on 3Shape, such as The Copy Features in 3Shape, Using Your Waxup in 3Shape Design, and Using 3Shape Transfer Plates. With CAP’s educational offerings, labs have instant access to step-by-step instruction, the latest information, and answers to complex questions.


4- No downtime

Labs depend on their equipment to be up and running at all times. In the event that your 3Shape scanner goes down, CAP will send you a loaner scanner until we get yours diagnosed, fixed, and operational.


5- Education

CAP labs have premier access to our live training sessions in Stoneham, MA and Clearwater, FL, in addition to monthly webinars and premium CAP Academy videos.


Annual Fees 3Shape

Disclaimer / fine print:

All 3Shape/dongle transfers are at the discretion of CAP and are subject to a vetting process. Please note that your distributor has the right to refuse transfer. The distribution of loaner scanners is subject to availability.

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