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Engaging for Single Tooth Cementing Instructions for Titanium inserts:

These bases have been specifically designed for automated manufacturing for single tooth screw retained restorations. The non rotational engaging geometries provide implant specific mating interfaces for hybrid custom abutments and full contour single tooth replacement. For full contour screw retained restorations materials of choice can be either zirconia or e.max.

The Titanium Base comes with a final retaining screw. This screw driver configuration matches that of each specific implant manufacturer. As a result, there are no unique drivers needed.

The titanium base is cemented into the final restoration or the custom abutment as THE final step in manufacturing. The recommended cement for the titanium base is Multilink Implant cement from Ivoclar Vivadent.

Prior to bonding, make sure the screws fall through the hole of the zirconia restoration. If there is a problem you will need to manually enlarge the hole.

  1. Sandblast the exterior of the Ti inserts (DO NOT SAND BLAST THE INTERFACING PART OF THE ABUTMENT) and the receiving area of the zirconia with aluminum oxide.
  2. Screw the abutments to the model.
  3. Blackout top of screw with some white wax.
  4. Apply the primer to the brush and apply a liberal coat to the insert and Zi receiving area. Allow to dry for a minute and then fully dry with air.
  5. Syringe a couple of beads of the resin cement circumferentially around the titanium insert.
  6. Light cure the screw access hole, buccal and lingual for 3 seconds, each location.
  7. Using an explorer remove excess resin
  8. Finish light curing all units.
  9. Examine under microscope for excess cement.
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