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Custom Parts Breakage Warranty

CAP offers warranties against breakage on the following products produced in CAP’s milling center:


CAP FZ Full Contour Zirconia Crown Lifetime Warranty
CAP FZ Full Contour Zirconia Bridges up to 5 units 5 years
CAP Zirconia substructures 5 years
Izir Bridges 5 years


In order to qualify for the breakage warranty, the following conditions must be met:

  • If designed by CAP, the case must be indicated to meet the design, fit, and material minimum thickness specification for the material.
  • If designed by the customer, the design file (if provided by the customer) meets the design and fit requirements for the material (e.g. minimum thickness, connector size, cement gap, indication)
  • Units that have been improperly ground on may become compromised and will not be remade for free under warranty.
  • Units that are to be remade must be sent back to CAP for analysis

CAP offers free remakes under warranty for cases according to the above terms. CAP does not offer refunds or credits.

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