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Custom Milling Center Promotions.

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Your partner for success. When you partner with Custom Milling Center for your complex cases, you benefit from the experience of our highly skilled design team and the power of our specially calibrated Haas mills and 3D printers. CMC combines robust milling and printing capabilities with the widest range of restorative materials available to ensure our services exceed your laboratory’s expectations on every case.

New Katana UTML

Receive one unit at no cost when you choose Katana UTML for your case. *Promo code is ZA_KAT10

Printed Surgical Guides

Order your first surgical guide and save 50% on your next Titanium abutment (from STL). *Promo code is ZA_ABT50

Titanium Abutments

Purchase 10 titanium abutments for $889.50 within 30 days and save $190.50. *Promo code is ZA_PK190   **Offers valid for first order of that product only. Expires 01/15/17. Must reference promo code to receive discount.


GC Initial LiSi Press is a revolutionary

new pressable ceramic.


  • Buy 3 Initial LiSi Press Ingot Sleeves, Get 1 at No Cost

  • Buy 1 Initial LiSi Basic Set, Get 4 Initial LiSi Press Ingot Sleeves at No Cost

  • Buy 3 Sleeves of Initial LiSi Press Ingots, Get 1 GC LiSi PressVest  Intro Kit

  • Buy 1 100gm x 60 Case of LiSi PressVest Powder, Get 1 900ml Bottle of GC LiSi PressVest Liquid

  • Buy 1 100gm Case of LiSi PressVest Powder AND 2 Sleeves of Initial LiSi Press Ingots, Get 1 Sleeve of LiSi Press Ingots

  • Buy 1 LiSi Basic Set AND 1 LiSi Advanced Set, Get 3 LiSi Press Ingot Sleeves and 1 LiSi PressVest Intro Kit


*Call your Zahn consultant for details.

A lithium disilicate ceramic that combines unparalleled strength and exceptional aesthetics that technicians demand without being low in value. LiSi Press is faster to process, is optimized to be used with GC Initial LiSi veneering ceramic, and leaves virtually no reaction layer, making your laboratory more productive.

  • Lithium disilicate with High Density Micronization
  • 450 MPa
  • Rich, warm, and bright colors with excellent fluorescence
  • Virtually no reaction layer when divested
  • Optimized to be used with the proven GC Initial LiSi veneering ceramic and GC Initial Lustre Pastes NF
  • Lower solubility than other leading brands
  • Material and color stability after repeated firing
  • Acid resistant and wear resistant


GC LiSi Press

Have a consultant contact you about the New LiSi Press today


Zirlux Promotions

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Zirlux Acetal

Buy any 4, Get 1 A2 98.5 x 20 mm disc. *Ships with order.


Zirlux 16+

Buy 4, Get 1 Zirlux Temp Multi Disc Shade A1. *Must mention promo code “JAF” when ordering.


Zirlux Prosthetic Components

Buy 10 Titanium Abutment Bases, Get 2. *Ships with order. Titanium abutments are available in 4.5mm and 6mm heights.

AG Zirconia

AG Ceramill Zolid FX Multilayer Zirconia

Amann Girrbach Zirconia Promotion.

Have someone contact you about this promotion.

Special 4+1 End of Year Promotion

Zolid FX Multi-W

Buy any 3 Ceramill Zirconia discs, get 1 Zolid FX Multilayer disc at no cost.

*Shipped with order. *No charge disc must be shade A2/A3 and size 16mm.


Dekema Sintering Furnace Promotion

Have CAP contact you about the Dekema Promotion

Buy either the Austromat 674 or Austromat 664 furnace and get a Zolid FX Multilayer starter kit at no charge!

Austromat 664 iSic

  • Shortest sintering cycles with highest heating and cooling rates
  • Bottom entry
  • Up to 20 units on each sintering level; up to 2 levels
  • 2:05 h speed sintering cycle for up to 12 units
  • Large 7.5″ touch panel
  • Spare set of heating elements and spare thermocouple already included
  • Remote service already activated

Austromat 674 baSIC2

  • Shortest sintering cycles with highest heating and cooling rates
  • Bottom entry
  • Up to 40 units on each sintering level; up to 2 levels
  • 2:45 h speed sintering cycle for up to 15 units
  • Large 7.5″ touch panel
  • Spare set of heating elements and spare thermocouple already included
  • Remote service already activated


Now is the perfect time to trade in.

For digital labs, how does one determine when the existing equipment is obsolete? Like all technologies, scanners, CAD and milling machines do have a technology life expectancy. And when it comes to any technology, the time needed to improve and upgrade is generally short. For instance, how long have you owned your cell phone? When taking a close look at the many new features available in dental technology today, it is certainly worth going through the analysis to justify a ROI for a trade-in. Please give us a call or complete this web form and we’ll be in touch to discuss next steps.


Find out more information about our trade-in offers

Chicago Promotions

Chicago Promotion Guarantee

Plus $1,000 material credit for purchases made before February 23, 2017


*The Chicago Promotion Guarantee requires proof of a documented promotion offered by Henry Schein on or before February 25, 2017 in conjunction with LMT LAB DAY Chicago 2017. The $1,000 material credit includes digital materials only.

*Total purchase price must be $25,000 or greater.


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