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Outsourcing: the bottom line dollars and sense

There are many factors which go into determining whether to outsource manufacturing of a product(s). Most laboratory owners first experience with outsourcing, correlates to the need for adding a product … Continued

Scanning impressions

There are numerous scanners available for dental laboratory use.  When purchasing a lab scanner, there are many considerations. Primary considerations are scan quality and level of sophistication of design software … Continued

Outsourcing and how it affects your work flow and your laboratory

As dental technology moves rapidly into digital manufacturing, outsourcing will become more widely used. It is not only a less expensive, more efficient means of manufacturing, but offers some unique … Continued

What to look for when purchasing a 3D scanner

Today’s scanner market is abundant with choices. Fortunately, there is significant competition in this arena to force continued development. There are scanners using white light, lasers, conoscopic holography and touch, … Continued
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