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CAP gearing up to Introduce Automated Provisional Restoration “DigiTemps™”

CAP staff has been developing a new CAD CAM provisional restoration. DigiTemps™ are fabricated using all automated CAD design and computer aided manufacturing of composite resin material. The product has … Continued

Keystone Dental lifetime warranty on dental implants and related restorations.

Keystone Dental just announced a new warranty program. Finally a company has developed a plan to provide a lifetime warrantee on implants and the implant supported restorations. Check this out: … Continued

How will a digital impression device purchased by one of my dentists affect my laboratory?

As discussed in other previously posted blogs. There are two distinctly different types of digital impression devices available today. The Lava COS and the Itero both scan a patient’s unique … Continued

Who should do CAD in my Laboratory?

One of the major considerations when a Laboratory owner is considering buying a scanner is who will or should do the CAD work. Generally speaking, computer knowledge is equally as … Continued
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