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With 3M’s recent steps to open up Lava to Dental Wings and 3Shape, we have been able to do some very interesting things at CAP. For example, we are now able … Continued

A major leap for Lava – Open to Dental Wings (and 3Shape soon)

We were honored to be selected by 3M to be the first lab in the US to test some new software from Dental Wings and 3M ESPE which enables us … Continued

Preview your CAP cases from every angle with video review

Are you considering sending a case to a milling or printing center but you are not sure how well they will design your case? Consider trying our video review service … Continued

New training video on IPS e.max

We have been getting many questions about the process for finishing IPS e.max units.  I am a big believer in education, and I find video to be an extremely effective … Continued
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