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Pink is the New Gray

Pink is the New Gray
Keystone Dental Implants, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Keystone Dental has a titanium implant, Genesis, that though a proprietary manufacturing process includes an AnaTite pink collar circumferentially around the coronal … Continued

Sintering Furnace Problems & Life Expectancy

Sintering Furnace Problems & Life Expectancy
It’s difficult to say how long a sintering furnace should last, or even how long it should run before needing repairs. There are things you can do to extend longevity … Continued

Zirconia, Sintered in Just 2 Hours

Zirconia, Sintered in Just 2 Hours
Through recent technological advancement it is now viable to sinter both high-strength and super-translucent zirconias in a very short two hour sintering cycle. The introduction is the result of a … Continued

3Shape: What’s New, What’s Coming

3Shape: What's New, What's Coming
At LMT Lab Day Chicago, 3Shape had a meeting for distributors where they introduced several new innovations that are becoming available for beta with expected launch dates thereafter. It appears … Continued
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