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Titanium Inserts Developed for Bridgework

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The titanium base has certainly served the industry very well for single tooth screw retained restorations. What about implant supported bridgework? Open Implants now offers non-engaging Ti bases. These bases have been specifically developed to connect implants to one another. In addition, OI has made the abutment long,10 mm, to improve cement retention and to reduce crown to base ratio when needed. The abutment and matching DME files can be easily shortened to 8mm, 6mm or 4mm as needed.

When using titanium bases for bridges, it’s important to use non-engaging parts. This simplifies seating of the bridge. OI’s non-engaging Ti bases come with a 10 degree taper of the interface so bridges can be facilitated with up to 20 degrees of implant divergence and maintain a passive seat.

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