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Providing the Unusual

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I have often thought beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Over the many years of being in the lab industry I have, on occasion, been asked to do some strange things. In 1980 I put a large sapphire in the middle of the facial of a central incisor. In 2003, we did a full arch reconstruction for a Boston fireman. He requested us to put his firehouse number, “911,” and a bunch of other special historic 911 designs in the lingual surfaces. This one was fine and we actually had fun making it. It also didn’t really show. Last week we had a young guy come in with implants in both maxillary lateral incisors. He was requesting a werewolf matching pair of laterals. He had wanted them extra long and very pointy. I know that many of us would think this is unusual. At any rate, we finished the case today and it will be delivered next week. By the way, the picture above is not the patient as I do maintain HIPAA compliance.

If you have ever done anything like this we can have some fun and share the experience!

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