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New 3Shape Scanners for All Labs

 3Shape E Series Blog Post

3Shape just made a bunch of new announcements at LMT LAB DAY Chicago. One very exciting development is the new 3 E-series desktop scanners now available from Novux and 3Shape. These scanners starting with the E1, priced at an all inclusive price of about $10K, scans a full arch cast in just 40 seconds. This new low price point makes it possible for any lab to get started on the digital journey. The E1 is comparable to the old, now discontinued D750, but better. Using blue stripe technology for precision scanning the E-series scanners will scan both models and impressions. In addition to being very quiet, these scanners have 2 X 5 pixel cameras for scanning. The scanner also knows when you place the model in the scanner and self starts the scan process. Adaptive scan technology will later be added to all these desktop scanners. It will enable one to see areas of a scan that were incomplete and quickly go back and capture the needed data to fill these voids.

The complete product line now includes the E1, E2, E3, D1000 and D2000 scanners. For more information, click here.

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