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Impression Scanning, A New Frontier

 Impression Scanning - A New Frontier

For almost a century, the dental lab workflow has always been that of a step-by-step or organized assembly line approach. As an example, nothing could be accomplished prior to model manufacturing, then the wax-up followed by a casting or press procedure and so on. Through recent advancement in scan technology by 3Shape, impression scanning is now a very viable workflow that enables new faster, more productive workflows.

Looking closely at 3Shape D1000 and D2000 scanners we can see specific design elements in both the scanner and the scan software that enable accurate impression scanning. Let’s look more closely at how this can benefit your lab.

Let’s use the thesis that in 2017 everyone wants better, cheaper, faster. Providing two of these three will generally create enough buzz to help grow your business. The two I focus on are “better” and “faster.” When looking at the possibilities of impression scanning we are looking at the “faster” offering. The impression scanning workflow will look something like this:

  • Receive case, sterilize and do data entry
  • Send a small batch of impressions to scan
  • Scan and send impressions to either conventional model room or digital model print fabrication
  • Design and mill the restoration while model production is taking place
  • Once the restoration is produced, merge with the model and finish the case

Looking at this workflow, one can very easily produce an entire full contour zirconia in just two days. The way our dentist customers practice, the ideal scenario is to prep and impress a case on say, Monday and deliver the crown to the patient the following Monday. Through impression scanning this timeframe is more than reasonable.

On a final note, I hate the concept of selling on price, thus the “cheaper” element of what everyone is looking for I do not support. To find more information on an easy way to provide the “better” product to grow your business, visit here.

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