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Redundancy, No Need to Break the Bank

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Recently I have been writing about building redundancy into your lab. Well, you don’t need to break the bank to take advantage of a 5-axis dry mill purchase. CAP now has a few fully reconditioned Roland DWX-50 mills in inventory. These mills were taken in as part of the CAP mill trade-in program. Once we receive these units, we do a comprehensive service that includes replacing the spindle, drives and anything else needed to bring the mill up to our certified pre-owned condition. Having sold dozens of these pre-owned mills has worked so well that we are now including a six month bumper to bumper warranty on every one of these mills.

As you may know, the Roland DWX-50 was likely the most sold mill into dental labs in the US. In fact, I have 3 running in my laboratory today and we have another 6 here in CAP’s milling center that all run for about 12 hours a day, five days a week. The Roland DWX-50 mills wax, PMMA, zirconia and composite resins and mills the most complex geometries needed with great precision.

Best of all is the price. Packaged with a new dust collector and priced at just $17K or a little more than $300 a month for a five-year lease. Add the savings from federal tax code 179 to the deal and you will receive back about $6,500 at tax time. This makes adding redundancy to your lab today a NO brainer at a net after tax cost of only $10,500.

For more info on our certified pre-owned Roland DWX-50 mills, call 877-977-7889 or visit our website.

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