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CAP Declares May 2016 “Zirconia Awareness Month”

Announces Activities to Support Zirconia Education for Dental Labs

Boston, MA, May 2, 2016 / CAP, provider of end-to-end solutions for dental laboratories, today announced that May 2016 is the inaugural Zirconia Awareness Month to fight the scourge of misinformation about zirconia in the market.

“The types of zirconia that are on the market are constantly proliferating and changing,” said Bob Cohen, president of CAP. “Many of our partner labs contact us to make sense of these new and different products, so we’re responding with a host of educational initiatives that we’ve set up for this month.”

While education has always been core to the CAP mission to help labs thrive, this special focus on zirconia is and will consist of a variety of tools, such as videos, blogs, webinars, and ebooks. “Our educational focus this month will be on selecting the right zirconia, mill, sintering furnace, tools, and how to achieve best-in-class post-processing — the entire end-to-end process to produce a superior result that doctors and patients alike will love,” said Mr. Cohen.

To take advantage of this complimentary education, labs should join CAP’s contact list at


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