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Take a Quantum Leap with 3D Printing

As dentistry continues the march to everything digital, many dental professionals have embraced 3D printing. This has proven to improve outcome, reduce cost and time, and add to product offerings to grow business.

Stratasys, Leading the 3D Printing Charge in Dental A US company, Stratasys is leading the charge in our industry with a variety of 3D printing solutions to meet the production needs of several indications. Some of these proving impactful in implantology, orthodontics, and conventional crown and bridge. With a broad selection of highly accurate printers that are dental-ready, 3D printing is now primed for the dental industry.

How it Works Stratasys printers use a technology similar to inkjet printers. The key difference; rather than putting down ink they spray tiny droplets of liquid plastic that are cured by UV light. 3D printers receive digital CAD files and use these as a blueprint to build the intended object with this method of alternating spraying liquid plastic and UV curing. After many rounds of spraying/curing, the printer has built the desired 3D printed products. The product line includes small machines for lower levels of production as well as larger printers for medium and large labs and milling centers.

Determine the Best Fit When conducting a need analysis, we should take a closer look at what these printers can produce. For labs that are now receiving a lot of digital impressions for crown and bridge and or implant cases there are three highly accuracy printers; the Objet30 Prime for small labs or in-office production, Objet260VS for a medium size build plate, Objet 500 for larger production facilities. The more economical Objet Eden260VS Dental Selection printer is a technical marvel. Prints multiple materials simultaneously. For instance this printer can produce soft tissue model for both C&B and implant while simultaneously printing a removable soft tissue material that fits intimately to the printed cast. Rounding out the dental portfolio, the Objet Orthodesk, a great printer for orthodontics models, ortho appliances and Implant surgical guides for guided surgery.

From a business perspective, 3D printing can be used as a tool to help grow your business. Adding a guided surgical guide solution is cost effective, profitable, and will surely open new doors and help you get more work from existing customers. If you’re placing implants you can produce guides for a much lower cost than outsourcing this device in your office.

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