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CAP Does The R&D So You Don’t Have To

CAP has invested in an R&D team that has a nonstop goal to ensure success with equipment and materials we sell. This includes four distinct areas of focus to help labs thrive.techy-stuff_1024

First, we are constantly developing a new workflow software, CAPZilla, that reduces labor, tracks production, remakes and mistakes, improves on time delivery, helps control inventory and makes labs become more lean. This industry unique software, is now available in two versions dependent on lab size.

CAP has partnered with several material manufacturers to aid in development of the latest state of the art material solutions. For instance CAP will have an inventory of the largest selection of zirconia materials offered by any distributor. These include white discs with complete coloring systems, multi layered discs and pre-shaded systems in both 4 and 16 shades. All will be available in both the 1200 MPa series as well as the newer super translucent 600-700 MPa materials. Also from CAP, a super high strength 1500 MPa disc for hybrid abutments, as well as an economy lines. Please keep mind, none of our materials are made in China.

Next, we work in combination with mill and CAM producers to insure we sell only systems that are fully open and well integrated. We understand dental technicians and their knowledge. As a dental technician I have spent most of my life working on making crowns look like teeth. As a result, most of us lack the digital skills needed to develop milling strategies and develop integration of open architect devices that flow seamlessly, determining best tools and best strategy for each mill and all the materials that can be milled in each mill. Honestly, there is considerable behind the scenes energy and expense placed on these priorities, so when systems are delivered you can get trained and begin to thrive.

At CAP we are always working to develop products to help labs grow and improve patient care. CAP R&D was instrumental in developing a workflow for Izir bridges. In addition, they digitized the common Nobel Biocare multi-unit abutment and the Biomet low profile abutment, developed titanium inserts and scan bodies so we could use these abutments in the Izir digital workflow.

Lastly, the CAP R&D team has the ability to dig in deep when unforeseen unexplainable problems arise. Many of these issues may not be related to anything from CAP, but this group has an uncanny ability to figure out even the most challenging technical issues.


Thanks for reading,

Bob Cohen, CDT

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