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5 Reasons to Consider the New TRIOS 3

If you have been thinking about purchasing an intraoral scanner in the past, take a look at the new TRIOS 3.

Announced earlier this month, the new TRIOS 3 is a three-in-one solution combining fast and easy 3D impression taking, an integrated intraoral camera, so there is no need to purchase a separate one, and shade measurement while you scan, providing more predictable and accurate results.

TRIOS 3 intraoral scanner image

5 reasons to consider the new TRIOS 3:

  1. Superior scanning technology creates higher quality digital impressions in a fraction of the time
  2. Streamlined hardware configurations provide better maneuverability when performing scans
  3. Widest range of indications, allowing for more complex cases to expand your labs offerings to doctors
  4. Open and adaptable to any lab setup, choose from TRIOS Cart, TRIOS Pod or TRIOS Chair Integration
  5. Shade measurement and integrated intraoral camera allow for more work to be completed through a single device
5 reasons to choose TRIOS 3

TRIOS 3 hardware configurations:

TRIOS 3 Hardware Configurations TRIOS 3 Handheld

Whether you’re working on crowns and bridges, more complex cases such as implant abutments, or looking to expand your labs offerings by including surgical guides and splints, the TRIOS 3 provides the capability to expand your offerings.

Full list of indications for TRIOS 3:

TRIOS 3 indications

CAP President Bob Cohen was at IDS 2015 this month and was able to showcase the TRIOS 3 with a hands on demo from Tais Clausen, CTO of 3Shape. Check out his “What’s Cohen On!” video below to see the TRIOS 3 in action.

Contact CAP today for more information on the TRIOS 3.

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