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CAPZilla- A New Level of Integration to Automation

CAPZilla-TMOver the last decade, many companies have been developing and distributing products to facilitate automation or CAD CAM for dental labs. This transition includes many older existing manufacturers and distributors of analog products. In fact nearly everyone selling into dental laboratories is in the CAD CAM market to some degree. As a result, today there are so many players and systems in the market, we have a file and data overload quagmire. Many labs today have several different devices that require independent workflows and databases. This could include a database for CAD files, another for intraoral scan files (possibly multiple places to keep different IOS device data) and still another for lab management, CAM and so on. CAP has spent the last three years working on a new software platform, CAPZilla, to organize and streamline the workflow, data and CAD CAM processes.

There is no question, CAD CAM has allowed lab technicians to be able to produce restorations more efficiently. There are however many areas within the workflow where the lack of integration between processes and systems adds labor, potential error and an inability to properly track and manage workflows. This is where CAPZilla fills a void. CAPZilla is a new frontier of automated workflow.

The main benefits of CAPZilla are to:

  • Connect products from different manufacturers
  • Provide automation for technicians that eliminates repetitive tasks and reduces human error
  • Collect useful data along the workflow that can be used for custom reporting
  • Provide new tools and features that fill voids in existing products

CAPZilla streamlines workflows, organizes data, reduces remakes and like CAD CAM in general, saves time and money. Essentially CAPZilla completes the integration of many CAD CAM software and hardware devices.

CAPZilla current supports the following features:

  • Integration with MagicTouch DLCPM CRM/order management software
  • Automatic order creation in 3Shape
  • Easy access to 3Shape data for designers
  • A video review process for your customers to review your case designs/issues and communicate back to you, all automatically
  • Automatic gathering of files for manufacturing
  • Sorting of design files by shade and height for improved disc usage and efficiency
  • Auto nesting in Sum3D CAM
  • Quality control system for inspection
  • Internal remake tracking and technician productivity tracking
  • Metrics and data collection to facilitate almost any reporting you need
  • And more

Features coming soon:

  • Inventory management for materials, milling tools, implant parts, etc.
  • Tool life monitoring and integration with Roland mills
  • Automatic Sum3D version and strategy updates
  • Exocad integration
  • Much more!

To get the most out of your digital solutions and move to lean manufacturing with measurable results and predictability, the unsurpassed integration of CAPZilla is a must have.

We have been using CAPZilla at CAP for years and have been beta testing the software for one year in six outside laboratories. We are planning a logical roll out, first to CAP customers using CAP solutions. In addition, we will be including CAPZilla with sales of CAP Complete CAD CAM systems and CAP-distributed mills.

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