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The Little Things Really Count!

Very often, in small businesses, it’s too easy to overlook the little things. By doing so we can often miss significant milestones, potential revenue and growth in business. It’s the focus on each and every detail that makes companies great. We all know how the late Steve Jobs was hyper-focused on each and every tiny design element in every new Apple product, and look what happened. Many would agree that it was that attention to even the smallest detail that pushed Apple to be the most valuable company in the world.

Back when we started CAP Academy we knew we had a great idea. Putting dozens of free CAD CAM “how to” videos on a dedicated CAP website. After launching about 80 videos we had gained some customer awareness and loyal followers, but then we slowed down.  We shifted our focus onto what we believed to be more important tasks. After speaking with some lab folks about CAP Academy we realized the site had gotten stale and people had noticed.

cap academyRealizing we had neglected a valuable component of our CAP offering, we dedicated an employee, Robin, to full time video production. On Friday, July 11th 2014, we launched another video. A small thing, right? Wrong. That Friday’s video launch represented CAP Academy video number 200 – in our eyes, a milestone. While 200 is a nice round number and it feels good to say we got there, what this number really signified was the renewed dedication to a vital part of who CAP is.

In fact, there are many more small things that when done right, can repeatedly equate to becoming significant milestones for an organization.

Since CAP’s earliest days there was a priority placed on technical support for CAP customers. Over the years we have continued to invest in this department. Today, our full time tech support team makes up a quarter of our company. Our customers can contact CAP Customer Support anytime during the day and speak to a live person about their particular issue. Many of the problems are small and routine for CAP Customer Support, while others are more complex. But getting the customer back on track and explaining the resolution is always the goal.

Recently, we incorporated a short survey to every customer that engaged our support staff to gauge their level of satisfaction with our service. Since implementing this survey, our CAP Customer Support satisfaction rating has held strong at 98% for over six months. Being known for customer support has been extremely beneficial to CAP’s success and it is in no small part to our company-wide dedication to focusing on the small details and celebrating the little victories.

A few other CAP milestone metrics that are of interest:

  • CAP has now traveled over three-quarters of a million miles to train technicians and repair and install equipment.

  • CAP now averages more than 100 tech support calls every day.

  • Every state in the United States has either purchased equipment from us or used our milling center services.

Obviously the big moments are what defines a company in the long run – it’s what sticks long after we are gone. What’s important along the way is to not lose sight of the little moments and milestones that get you there and take time to celebrate them along the way.


Thanks for reading,

Bob Cohen, CDT


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