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eBook: 19 Tips for the Digital Lab

CAD/CAM is not always straightforward, and while many labs have flourished with high tech equipment, others have struggled with aspects of the digital workflow. What are the key elements to getting the most out of your investment and maintaining a high level of success? While there are many different paths for optimizing your CAD/CAM equipment, materials, and workflows, here at CAP we have spent significant time and resources to identify best practices, which we encourage you to take and adapt to your own lab. In this eBook, you will hear from Ryan Knight, CAP’s Support Manager, who runs the industry’s leading support team which has fielded over 10,000 support calls. You will also hear from Jay Bergeron, our Sr. Equipment and Training Specialist, who has visited hundreds of labs to install and repair equipment, and train lab managers and technicians. They have worked together to identify the most critical pathways to optimize our CAD/CAM workflow that will help you run your lab as efficiently and profitably as possible.

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