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Knowing When Your Mill is Obsolete

There have been so many changes in mill design and technology over the last few years that you could be... Continued

Sep, 28

The Growing Demand for CAD CAM Technicians

As a result of a recent JDT survey and subsequent published article it was concluded... Continued

Sep, 26

How to Handle Bad Impressions

  In this digital age the vast majority of impressions for restorations are still taken... Continued

Sep, 22

Top 3 Ways to Boost Your Dental Knowledge

 1. Your network is one of your biggest assets. The people you are surrounded by everyday have... Continued

Sep, 18

The 2 Most Common Causes for Chipping Zirconia

Zirconia discs are manufactured to mill easily, maintain low tool costs and enable a reasonable... Continued

Sep, 07
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