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The Esthetic Tipping Point of CAD CAM has Arrived

 Until recently, providing a CAD CAM monolithic restoration always resulted in esthetic compromise. Through extensive... Continued

Aug, 25

Stronger Together: How the Zahn/CAP Acquisition is Working to Benefit the Dental Industry

Recently, Henry Schein completed an acquisition of Custom Automated Prosthetics (CAP) in its entirety. The... Continued

Aug, 22

The Three Rules for Success with 3Shape

Managing a successful digital dental lab is certainly not easy. In fact, I would suggest... Continued

Aug, 19

Part 2: Are You Open to Change?

Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of keeping up with changing technologies and how not... Continued

Aug, 09

Are You Open to Change?

When the Wright brothers made the infamous first air flight in December of 1903, there... Continued

Aug, 08
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